Holy Spirit Show Me

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By Marian Greer/Janis Thompson ©2005

In my midnight desert, a candle glows,
Simulating company.
I search Your Word trying to understand,
And pray that You'll connect with me.
Are You in my emptiness tonight? 
Open my eyes and help me see…

Holy Spirit show me, grow me.  Help me get to know Thee.
Holy Spirit light me, right me.  Teach me not to fight Thee.
Holy Spirit stay me, sway me.  Help me, Lord, I pray Thee.
Holy Spirit send Your grace, filling up this empty space,
So I can call my heart a place, where You can find a home.
Holy Spirit show me.

Jesus my faith tells me You're here tonight,
Gentle Teacher, Holy Lord.
Will You show me what I need to learn,
Though the lesson may be hard.
Make me strong enough, Lord, to endure,
And yet still small enough to grow...

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